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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

All of us have a story. Mine involves skin. Yes - skin. The largest visible organ in the body. The organ that I love most - core of what it means to be a dermatologist.

Why is the skin so important? It protects us from the outside world, helps regulate our body temperature and gauges our inner health. The skin is also our canvas - a reflection of our lives lived and the choices we make. The skin as our ally in the journey of life, a makeup of who we are inside and out, to help us show the world our best self. This incredible structure - resilient, unique and giving - deserving of celebration each and every day.

What does it mean to be a dermatologist? To have the privilege of helping individuals take care of their skin, in health or illness. A commitment and dedication much more than skin deep - reaching into wellness of the shell and soul. Integrating science, experience and the story behind each patient to achieve skin goals. Because skin care and skin health is not defined by gender, race, social status or age.

In cosmetic dermatology, personalized programs are developed with each patient to achieve preventative, restorative and reparative goals. That as life evolves, evidence-based interventions for positive aging can be affordable luxuries and self-care. We strive to empower patients with options to shape plans that align with different stages in different lives for different individuals so that natural outcomes are achieved overtime. After all, true beauty and all that it encompasses is timeless.

And so, this is my story. Sharing my love for skin. Thrilled to have you be part of it.

Dr. Monica


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