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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The vitality of the skin on our neck is one with our face. While many of us take good care of our facial skin, the neck can be a neglected neighbour. The asynchronous changes seen overtime on our neck take on the form of wrinkles, skin laxity, ruddiness, dull tone and crepiness. There are options and solutions that target different signs appearing on the neck with age.

Changes on our neck often occur due to a combination of factors: gradual reduction of our skin’s natural supply of collagen, sun exposure, and use of electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops (you may have heard of “tech neck”). The interplay of different influences on the skin of our neck can therefore benefit from combination approaches that precisely target each concern.


With volume loss overtime, the skin on the neck can show crepiness and lose the elasticity that it once had. Laxity in the thin-skinned region may create small folds and accentuate necklines. Cumulative Radiesse® injectable treatments work to stimulate collagen production that gradually soften creases and folds. Ultherapy® delivers deep, focused ultrasound energy for a gentle lifting effect.


Horizontal “necklace” lines can deepen in our digital age with the use of cell phones, tablets and laptops. Keeping our chin up is certainly a preventative strategy! Targeted skin care products such as Colorescience® Pep Up Collagen Renewal and SkinCeuticals® TriPeptide R-neck Repair specifically aim to improve visible signs of neck aging. Injection treatment placing Juvederm® Volite - a microdroplet hyaluronic acid filler - just below the skin can additionally fill in lines to soften their appearance.


Chronic exposure to the sun can cause a ruddy discoloration reflecting photodamage. A laser treatment such as the VBeam® platform targets vascular structures such as broken blood vessels (also called telangiectasias) and matted redness.


Skin of the neck can appear dull and coarse due to cumulative sun damage and exposure to the elements over the years. The aging changes seen on the neck can keep you from feeling the most confident version of yourself. The PicoWay® laser treatment works to promote collagen synthesis to create a more supple appearance for the neck.


The neck is covered by a broad flat muscle called the platysma, and bands can form even at rest as part of the signs of aging. Neuromodulator (e.g. Botox® Cosmetic, Xeomin®) treatments can relax muscles to reduce the prominence of neck bands.

Of course, as with every option we offer, a customized program with the neck in mind is founded on a careful assessment of your aesthetic goals, anatomy and appropriateness for treatment.


Interested to learn more and see which options are right for you? Contact us to explore possibilities and outcomes to revitalize and care for the neck.


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