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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Flawless skin - it’s an ideal many of us pursue with a bathroom shelf of skin care products. But the better - more natural and more practical - goal is for healthy skin achieved as part of our positive life habits. Keeping our skin in top state and function does not to be complicated; in fact, there are simple tips to get our skin appearing radiant and happy.

Regular exfoliation

Our skin naturally sheds in a cyclical way, to allow for new skin underneath to surface. We can help the skin remove excess debris, cells and impurities by regularly exfoliating. Less unwanted layers at the top of the skin would also permit active ingredients in skin care products to go through. Keep in mind that everyone tolerates exfoliation differently - some individuals every other day in contrast to others who do it once a week. It’s important to understand that some exfoliating ingredients shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding - discuss with your dermatologist to see what are safer options.

Back sleeping

Overnight pressure over long periods of time can cause sleep creases that are hard to improve once they are permanently etched on the skin. Using a wedge pillow, a weighted blanket and a bolster under the knees (such as a rolled up pillow under the knees) are strategies to help make sleeping on the back easier and more sustainable. Consider a silk pillowcase - good for those with acne-prone skin and much softer pressing on the skin - for a thoughtful sleep setup.


Irrespective of the season, or type of skin, moisturization is key to maintaining, repairing and restoring our natural skin barrier function. There are many benefits and reasons for applying a moisturizer after cleansing the skin - read about them here. In addition to its hydrating effects, science-backed ingredients added into moisturizers can provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Aging changes such as fine lines and dull texture on the skin can also soften with consistent moisturization.

Lifestyle habits

Remember, the skin is the largest visible organ in the body. It is a reflection of our bodies and the habits we choose to adopt in our lives. Beauty sleep isn’t just a term - adequate sleep (on average 7-8 hours each night) enables the skin - and body - to regenerate and rebalance, as well as give time for the skin care products you use to deliver its effects. Regular physical activity makes us not only feel better but look refreshed. And needless to say, you are what you eat. A proper, balanced diet will give us the required building blocks to ensure we are healthy, both inside and out.

Sunscreen (obviously!)

From slowing down signs of premature aging and unwanted pigmentation, to preventing skin cancers, sunscreen and other skin protection measures can be both preventative and reparative.


No matter the age, integrating some or all of these tips into a routine is much more than skin deep. Of course, there are additional approaches to look radiant and refreshed - talk to us about options and customized recommendations that will help you on your way to your skin goals.


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