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Updated: May 20, 2021

In our media-rich, globally-connected world, it’s not hard to sometimes feel there are only certain “looks” that fit the label. There are endless filters and retouching techniques to create a flawless complexion. In reality, the goal should be healthy skin - one that is refreshed, natural and revitalized.

Dermatologists are sought after to provide medical and cosmetic care of the skin. For many, improvement of the appearance and health of their skin can have a highly positive impact on their quality of life. For many others, nuanced and cumulative interventions enable us to not only feel good but look good - that may be in the form of skin care to in-office treatments.

Of course, celebrating the different forms of beauty is recognition of the following:


We cannot halt the aging process of the skin characterized by a reduction of volume, laxity and wrinkles, driven by a combination of internal and external factors. While genetics and “wear-and-tear” are inevitable influences, we can modify the extent to which outside effects alter skin quality and vitality overtime. Example of a simple strategy? Consistent use of sunscreen and a topical antioxidant (cult favourite and dermatologist-recommended: vitamin C) can reduce uneven tone and dullness of the skin by protecting against sun damage and environmental pollutants.


We are all unique in values, goals, lifestyle and budget in our approaches to self-care. But there are always options that can align with different circumstances. From over-the-counter formulations to thoughtfully planned treatments, vibrant skin is possible for everyone.


There are some aspects of our appearance and certainly some skin conditions that can be challenging to treat. Rather, embracing what makes us unique - better yet highlight the features we have - empowers us to feel confident and inspired. Personalized skincare and in-office interventions can go a long way for prevention and maintenance.

Put simply: Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. But there’s no judgement for those who make choices to feel good or as part of a self-care program. It’s not about perfection but wellness. What’s most important is that we are happy with the skin we are in and be the best version of ourselves, whatever that may be…for you.


Looking for some guidance to help you define your positive beauty? Speak to us at your next visit to explore some highly personalized options.


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